Throat clearing can be a natural response to irritation or a symptom of an underlying condition. Some people may experience throat clearing due to thick or copious mucus

An image of a woman with recurring throat infections holding her throat in pain.

What are the Different Types of Throat Infections?

Navigating Throat Infections in Florida: Understanding and Managing Your Risk Throat infections, causing discomfort and potential complications like missed work and increased medical expenses, are a common health issue worldwide, including…
An image of a woman with post nasal drip holding her throat in discomfort.

Post Nasal Drip: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Options & More

Managing Post Nasal Drip in Punta Gorda: A Comprehensive Guide Post nasal drip is a common condition characterized by excessive mucus production or difficulties in clearing mucus, leading to throat discomfort and other symptoms. In the unique…
An image of a senior man suffering from constant throat clearing coughing intohis fist.